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Get More Dental Patients in Atlanta.

Dental Video Marketing is a great way to reach a broader group of patients with the services you offer. Green Gorilla is a boutique Marketing Company that SPECIALIZES in Video Production and Video Marketing for Dental Professionals in Atlanta, Georgia.

We give personalized attention to every client. We work with you to create high quality videos that introduce you and your Atlanta-based practice to new patients and show them all the wonderful ways you can help them have a great and healthy smile.

We work with Cosmetic Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists to make Marketing and Educational Videos useful for your Website and Social Media Marketing. Our goal is to excite people about you and your ATLANTA practice and DENTIST VIDEO MARKETING is one of the best ways to do that!

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Dental Video Samples

Easy as 1-2-3 Video Production

1- Before the Shoot

We pick a date and help you plan the day of the video shoot.

2 - The Video Shoot

We come to your Atlanta office and interview you and your testimonials.

3 - After the Shoot

We edit your videos – adding graphics, music, titles and visuals.

Types of Dental Videos in Atlanta

Welcome to Our Practice

A warm welcome to new patients. Focus on the Patient Experience. Highlight What Sets You Apart. Short Patient Testimonials from happy and satisfied patients.

Meet the Dentist

Highlights your background in dentistry. Discuss What Makes You Unique as a dentist. Patients get a look at you and your passion for helping people.

Patient Success Stories

There is power in an authentic patient testimonial from a Real Person about their Real Experience in your care. Increases your credibility with potential patients and comfort level in choosing you!

Procedure: Dental Implants

Educate patients about the latest with Dental Implants. Describe the process with illustrations and animations. Discuss the ALL ON 4© and related procedures. Feature Success Stories from satisfied patients who had the procedure.

Procedure: Veneers

Educate patients about the latest with Porcelain Veneers. Describe the process with illustrations and Before and After Photos from satisfied patients.

Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Removal

Educate patients about the latest innovations in Wisdom Teeth Removal. Describe the process with illustrations and animations. Talk about the recovery period. Feature satisfied patients who had the procedure.

Procedure: Braces

Educate patients about the various Types of Braces available. Invisalign, Fast Braces, Damon Braces, Clear and Removable Aligners. Feature Patient Success Stories.

Sleep Apnea and Dental Devices

Description of Sleep Apnea and its Causes. Discuss Potential Health Issues that result from Sleep Apnea and highlight the solution of Dental Devices to address the problem.

Pediatric Dentistry

Highlight your practice’s service to Pediatric Patients. Discuss the special needs of children and what you and your staff do to make them Comfortable and Excited about visiting your offices.

Video Marketing For Atlanta Dentists

General Dentists

Video Marketing services for Dentists that provide general dentistry services in Atlanta such as tooth extraction, fillings and bridges

Cosmetic Dentists

Video Marketing services for Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta who provide services such as Dental Implants and Veneers.


Video Marketing services for Atlanta Orthodontists who provide services such as braces and Invisalign.

Oral Surgeons

Video Marketing services for Oral Surgeons in Atlanta who provide such services as Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pediatric Dentists

Video Marketing services for Atlanta Pediatric Dentists who provide dental services to children.


Video Marketing services for Periodontists who provide services relating to Dental Implants.


Video Marketing services relating to Prosthodontists wo provide services relating to missing teeth.


Video Marketing services for Atlanta Endodontists who provide services relating to root canals.

Funny Dental Office Video

Funny Dental Office Video

Funny office videos for dentists is the latest trend. Getting your staff together to lip-sync a popular is fun but it takes some coordination. Green Gorilla can help you put it all together! Planning a funny lip-sync video requires someone who can choreograph...

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Dentist Video Marketing Phoenix

Dentist Video Marketing Phoenix

Green Gorilla recently finished a project for a Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix. Our first video was a Procedure Focus video about all the Cosmetic procedures they offer including: Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers, All on 4, and Invisalign. Watch the video...

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Video Marketing for Children’s Dentists

Video Marketing for Children’s Dentists

At Green Gorilla Dental we produce videos for all types of dentists, however, our favorite type is Pediatric and Children's Dentists. Videos for Pediatric Dentists are light and bouncy and fun! Video Marketing for Children's Dentists includes a Welcome...

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